Licensure in Idaho


The 2005 Idaho Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Act (NPLA) granted naturopathic physician licenses. Unfortunately, political difficulties prevented full enactment of that Act and in 2015 the Act was repealed.  There is no current option for licensing Naturopathic Physicians in Idaho.  The IDAANP believes that licensure is a privilege for those with educational qualifications that meet the highest standards on the national level.  They continue to work towards licensure in Idaho for the following reasons:


Public Safety

Today in Idaho anyone can hold themselves out to the public as a naturopathic doctor–even individuals without any medical training.  Licensing naturopathic physicians ensures everyone using the designation “ND” has an undergraduate college degree, attended a 4-year accredited naturopathic college or university, passed a national naturopathic medicine licensing exam, and will be required to meet continuing education requirements.

Lower Cost of Care

The number one reason people do not see a naturopathic physician is because their insurance does not pay for that service.  Licensure will establish the standards for insurance companies to add naturopathic physicians as qualified providers.  Licensing of naturopathic doctors can mean that your insurance will cover your naturopathic doctor office visit just as it would a visit to a licensed medical doctor.

Better Health Care

While qualified naturopathic doctors are allowed to practice in Idaho, they are limited in their scope of practice.  In 16 other states and the District of Columbia, NDs’ are considered primary care providers who have prescription privileges, can order lab work and imaging studies and perform minor office procedures.  Naturopathic physicians are trained to work with conventional medical health care providers to provide quality integrative treatment plans to restore your health naturally and holistically.  Your help in the licensing effort will assist your ND to practice to his or her full ability and education.

Freedom of Choice

Naturopathic medicine is a safe, effective and valued health care option for many Idahoans. Licensing naturopathic physicians will NOT limit other natural health care providers from practicing. It clearly and publicly identifies those providers who have been formally educated and tested and who meet the safety and competency standards of natural medicine.


Creating a law takes time and money.  We have hired qualified advocates to navigate and negotiate our way through the House, the Senate and the Governor’s office.  A donation to the IDAANP will be greatly appreciated and will be used only to pay the expenses associated with the licensing efforts. (Donations are not tax exempt)


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